Life Coaching

Life Coaching

• Collaborates with individuals in a “thought-provoking & creative process” inspiring the development and planning of clear, measurable, outwardly defined, action-oriented goals for future action and to increase capacity for fulfillment of those goals.

• Does not provide treatment, implied or otherwise for any mental health diagnoses.

• If any potential or current “coaching” client is considered to have an untreated mental health concern, an appropriate documented referral to appropriate services will be made to the client, and “coaching” services may be terminated by the provider if/until client is cleared by their mental health provider.

• Is a service that helps “mentally well” individuals increase their productivity, knowledge, resource development

• Is funded by self-payment and “is NOT covered by insurance or health savings accounts”

• Requires no specific licensing, training, or credentialing and is not a service connected to this provider’s license or credentials.

• By using this site you understand there is not a clinical social worker client relationship between yourself and the site author, publisher, or company. This site does not provide clinical mental health therapy online, nor should it be implied or expected from any products or services. This site should not be used as a substitute for mental health or therapeutic services from a clinical social worker in your state.

• Confidentiality not protected by law, however, is protected by this provider.

• Paperwork, forms, communication, and emails between client and/or provider are solely for the purpose of preparation for meetings, organization of meetings, and client self-report of progress on goals, and are not to be considered any form of Medical or Mental Health record, as they are not for provision of therapy or clinical mental health services.

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