How to set up & live stream your desktop from OBS

How to set up & livestream your desktop to Periscope & More from OBS

How to set up & stream your desktop to Periscope Producer from OBSHave you ever wanted to show a presentation on live video?  Give a quick lesson on what you do well?  Show off your skills in a program?

Here are Three Topics, One great Lesson to Stream Heaven: Topic 1:  How to set up OBS (Open Broadcast Software) for Periscope Producer Topic 2:  How to apply for Periscope Producer (so you can “get your Desktop Scope on”) Topic 3:  How to polish it up and get your stream on Are you ready? Get set… Oh, and did I mention it is free!

Comment below what you are going to use your livestream for and I’ll feature you in an upcoming video about this class!

(P.S. please remember to do me a quick favor and share this class with your friends, colleagues, and associates.)

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