Easy 4 Step Process to make DIY graphics using your phone

Got 15 minutes? Learn an easy 4 step reproducible process to make your own DIY custom branded graphics and memes using just your phone. New online self-paced course called Visual Storytelling. More information at

Visual Storytelling from your Phone!

Using the nooks & crannies of your day to tell your story using only your imagination, your heart, and your smartphone. Course Objectives: Learn about at least 4 apps that can be used to create a DIY graphics stash Learn an easy 4 step process to move ideas out of your imagination and into reality Learn basic concepts of storytelling and forms of layering in a small space to tell a whole story Learn concepts of using apps vs. just specifically about using THESE apps Learn how to collaborate in telling stories So you can share YOUR story to the world, YOUR way!

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BiteSized Pieces, A Taste of Mental Health First Aid

This free course will explain: What Mental Health First Aid is, Why it is important, What a MHFA class is like, Who should take the class & how to find one near you.

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How to set up & stream your desktop to Periscope Producer from OBS go create live livestreaming DIY technology graphics art lessons

How to set up & live stream your desktop from OBS

Three Lessons to Stream Heaven: Lesson 1, Topic 1:  How to set up OBS (Open Broadcast Software) for Periscope Producer Lesson 1, Topic 2:  How to apply for Periscope Producer (so you can "get your Desktop Scope on") Lesson 1, Topic 3:  How to polish it up and get your stream on

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