Visual Storytelling from your Phone!

Easy 4 Step Process to make DIY graphics using your phone

Got 15 minutes? Learn an easy 4 step reproducible process to make your own DIY custom branded graphics and memes using just your phone. New online self-paced course called Visual Storytelling. More information at

Using the nooks & crannies of your day to tell your story using only your imagination, your heart, and your smartphone.

Course Objectives:

  • Learn about at least 4 apps that can be used to create a DIY graphics stash
  • Learn an easy 4 step process to move ideas out of your imagination and into reality
  • Learn basic concepts of storytelling and forms of layering in a small space to tell a whole story
  • Learn concepts of using apps vs. just specifically about using THESE apps
  • Learn how to collaborate in telling stories

So you can share YOUR story to the world, YOUR way!

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Course Information

Estimated Time: 4 days

Difficulty: Beginner

Author Information


Inspiring others to #gocreate themselves & the future; #AmbiMedia Artist; download your free social media starter pack at

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