I have always loved creating things…

I have always loved creating things. Photo Courtesy of RD Wight Photography
Photo Courtesy of RD Wight Photography

I have always loved creating things.  From creating beadwork as a child, & jewelry as a young adult, to melting hot glass (lampwork), drawing pen/ink, & watercolors as hobbies.  I have loved technology from the time we had our first Commodore64 in elementary school, and am almost always an “early adopter” of any technology.

I have been “creating” change as a Clinical Social Worker, Public Health Educator, Social Media GeekGirl, and Health Literacy Activist for the last 20 years during my professional career.  During this time I continued my love of creating, especially using technology and computers.  Since most people in my field are not “tech savvy” or “geeks”, they often turn to me when they have a technology question.

I also enjoy teaching others anything I learn.  The magic really came when I began teaching others how to use technology, computers, and social media.  My heart was the most full teaching my grandfather how to use his PC over the phone so he could email and socialize with his WWII buddies.

I have always loved creating things.
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This website is the combination of those loves:  creating, teaching, technology, and helping others.  Join me on my new journey and create the future we all want to have!

Contact me via Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, or Facebook @stacybraiuca or email me at stacy@stacybraiuca.com

I would love to hear what you are creating, help you learn more about the creativity inside you, and co-create projects with you!

Happy Creating,


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