#MHFA Social Media Lessons, Part II: aka What I learned from #ALGEE

June 2016— I was honored to be the first to do a #TwitterTakeover of @MHFirstAidUSA‘s account, & I learned alot about #socialmedia planning in the process.


This post is what happened AFTER that!
I did a one hour webinar for Mental Health First Aid instructors, arranged via Mental Health First Aid of Missouri, called “Hashtag #MHFA: How we can both #endstigma, promote #ALGEE, and engage 
potential “first aiders” via social media outlets.”  Here is the formal description of the training:

“The presentation gave an overview of 4 social media tools & a planning platform MHFA Instructors can use to promote the values of MHFA, advocate to #endstigma, and to engage the public and/or potential “first aiders” to become involved.  It discussed how these tools work together, how to define and find your best audience, and how to use the planning platform to develop a basic social media campaign.  It also discussed engagement vs. “posting”, and how to build a community, and analyze your “reach”.

#MHFA Social Media Lessons, Part II: aka What I learned from #ALGEE


I’m not going to re-hash (get it, re-HASH) the entire training here, but during that training I realized I had a list of resources I could not only share with those instructors, but also with YOU, my readers, to help with your #SocialMedia Adventures.

Among the links are also links about the #TwitterTakeover, feel free to check those out and share away!


if you don’t want the MHFA specific starter kit, there is another free Social Media Starter Kit here.





If you want to learn more about using social media in advocacy work, or with your social worker public health organization, and you’re in Kansas City or need #CEU’s, click here and check out this July 7th, 2016 in person CEU training by Missouri NASW.


I hope to see you on the inter-webs! Let me know what fun you create with these tools, or if you know of any others!


Now get out there and go create the next big thing!




p.s. If you want a free guide to making graphics on your phone, click here to sign up via email.

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